Is Organic Farming a Good Career Choice?

organic farming

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases an annual report on the growth of the farming industry. The focus is on the ranchers, farmers, and agricultural managers. However, what they don’t release is the statistics related to organic farming. There are a few things we know about organic agriculture, although what it does show is that farming is a good career and business choice. 

It all depends on how you approach it or if you’re involved in very specialized areas such as organic farming. According to the BLS report, almost 80% of individuals engaged in farming are self-employed. This means they own the farm or ranch where they grow the crops and vegetation. 

But here’s where it gets bad. According to the report, there was an 8% decline from 2008 to 2018 in the number of self-employed farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers. The reason for this is because the agricultural sector has become better at producing the same kind of crops with fewer laborers. There are also new developments in machinery, seeds, farming methods, and fertilizers. All of these are expensive. Most farmers cannot adapt to new technologies because they cannot afford it. 

The report estimates that less successful farmers are likely to go out of business because the market has become too competitive. It seems to be that the market for agricultural products is only for bigger farmers and ranchers. Smaller agricultural lands cannot compete with bigger businessmen. 

Thankfully, organic farming is here to save the day. While traditional and conventional farming methods are on the decline, organic farming and other agricultural niches are on a steady rise. Many farmers and ranchers are finding opportunities in other segments such as horticulture and organic farming. 

Aside from the fact that organic farmers can tap into health-conscious consumers, they are also catering directly to urban and suburban communities. They join community programs and integrate themselves into the fabric of the neighborhood. This allows them to get a huge chunk of the consumer market.

There is also a rise in the fitness-consciousness of people. Since people are more conscious of their looks especially on social media, they take care of their body image. That means they want and buy products made from organic farming methods. This is a big opportunity for organic farmers. They can tap into this rich market with a huge disposable income. 

So the question about whether organic farming is a great career choice should be answered with a resounding yes.

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