Is Organic Farming and Food Just a Fad?

With health being one of the biggest concerns for plenty of people, it is no surprise that consumers are turning to organic farming products and methods. This is because organic products provide more health benefits in the form of more nutritional content and minimal exposure to chemicals.

However, because of the amount of work needed to cultivate these products without the aid of chemicals, it is not unusual to find that organic products are priced a little higher than their conventional counterparts. This has led to some people insisting that organic farming and food is just a fad used to sell things at a higher cost. Read on to learn more about this.

What’s the deal with organic food?

Before anything else, we’ll be talking about what organic food is, and why it is as popular as it is today. Simply put, organic food is food and products that have been grown using organic methods of farming. This means that there is no use of chemical fertilizers and pest control, which results in cleaner food that has been observed to be more nutritious.

How is this different from regular food?

Now that you know what organic food is, you may be wondering what the difference is, then, compared to conventional food. Conventional food products are grown with the assistance of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which means that the food that you are eating contains these chemicals. This has led to growing concerns about the kind of food that we are putting into our bodies.

So why is it so expensive?

The reason why organic food is so expensive is that organic farming methods require more work and effort from the farmers that grow these. Without the aid of chemicals, farmers have to resort to more natural methods of cultivation with lower crop yields. More work means that it costs more to produce, which leads to higher prices.

Is it just a fad?

Given how expensive it is, it can be easy to assume that this is just a fad. In reality, organic farming products seem to be making a name for themselves that will be staying for a long time.

This is because the methods used in organic cultivation are more sustainable for the earth and environment, not to mention, more consumers are becoming aware of the kind of food that they are putting into their bodies. All of these are contributing factors that tell us that organic food and methods are here to stay.

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