Is Organic Farming Simply Just a Trend?

Many proponents of organic farming are arguing that the industry is going against everything it sets out to oppose. It is now reliant on purchases and consumerism instead of simply paving a way to assure food security. It should have been an alternative system to conventional farming, but some critics said it is slowly replicating the evils of conventional farming. How true is this?

As organic goes mainstream, the interest in it increases. And as this interest increases, so does the demand for more of it. While organic farmers know they cannot harvest as much as they do under conventional farming, they have also started to realize the industry’s whole reliance on purchases. Without purchases, there will be no revenue for organic farms. Without revenue, farms will not be able to sustain themselves.

This leads to the question of whether or not organic farming is just a trend? Will it pass? Is it sustainable? Will the demands for it increase or decrease in the coming months and years? As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that we need to take better care of the environment. But more than that, we also need to be prudent with the way we spend.

That’s the problem with organic products. Slowly, it has pursued a more capitalistic approach to taking care of the industry. Organic food is more expensive than conventionally grown food. That creates a kind of gap because although people want to buy organic food products, their circumstances in life will not allow them to afford it.

So, what must the organic industry do? Better policies, more government support, and increase consumerism from those who can afford to buy organic products. Proponents of organic farming should lobby for better government policies, funding, and support. If the government pushes for organic products more than they do the consumption of products of conventional farms, there will be a much better chance for the industry to thrive and succeed.

Consumers, those who can afford it specifically, must also buy more in the hopes that such support will push farmers to sell their goods for a lesser price. The organic lifestyle is a cycle. With the help of the public and private sectors, it will be possible for organic farms to not just become a passing trend. Because if there is one thing the pandemic should let us see, it’s the importance of taking care of our health, bodies, and the environment.

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