It Is Time to Get Serious About Organic Farming

organic farming

The Covid-19 pandemic should put some things in perspective. Nature has finally brought this society down to its knees. We have been so callous with the environment that it is starting to get back at us. Farming systems are spinning out of control because of the chemicals that we put into it for income-generation purposes. People are faced with serious challenges to combat climate change and the degradation of natural resources. In agriculture, organic farming seems to be the answer on everyone’s lips. But converting a conventional farm into an organic farm is easier said than done. 

The agriculture industry is facing unprecedented challenges in terms of water pollution, antibiotic-resistant superbugs, cancer-causing pesticides, sensitive waterways, and corporate agribusiness. Thankfully, there’s an alternative. Studies have shown that organic agriculture has the power to produce better food for the world. It is also better for the environment at large. Foods produced through organic means are healthier and can provide more nutrients for the consumers. 

Organic farming is not a new concept. Ancient people grew crops and plants by organic means. They use what nature provides and they benefitted from it by getting the right nutrients all the time. Ever wonder why they used to live longer than us? That’s probably because they are reaping all the benefits of a healthy diet. 

Different groups have been advocating a switch to organic farming and food in the past two or more decades. They have the research and studies to back their claims that organic agriculture is the best way to go forward. But now more than ever, a transition to organic farms is critical to maintaining the health of a thriving society. 

Right now, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has no known cure. What experts believe is that a healthy immune system is the only way to protect ourselves from the virus. You can boost your immune system by eating healthy and non-chemical-fertilizer-based foods. By freeing ourselves of the preservatives and chemicals usually found in food produced through conventional agriculture, we are helping boost our systems against the coronavirus. 

It is a known fact that switching to organic farming is harder because of the loss of income and the requirements to free the soil from harsh chemicals. However, with government support, farmers can make the transition much easier. Policies and regulations should be put in place to help farmers make the right choice of growing food in an organic farming setting. 

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