What Kind of Bin Is Needed For Composting At Home?

There are many different types of containers used for composting at home. Some use the massive garbage containers used outside for the collection of waste by the local government. Others use a specialized bin solely for composting at the backyard. On the other hand, there are also those who opt not to use a bin at all—meaning, they’ll just dig up a sizable space in the garden and throw the waste there, then cover it up with a flat wood.

Containers can help speed up the process of decomposition, which is vital to control the temperature and moisture of the compost heap and extract the nutrients out of them. Before starting to compost, you have to consider the space you have in your home and your backyard. Although composting can be done either in a large space like a ranch or a farm, it can also be produced in the comfort of your own garden or backyard.

“Binless” or heap compost

You can choose not to buy a container or a bin, and just make do with what you have in your backyard, which is an abundant supply of soil. Just simply choose an area in your yard or garden and start throwing compostable materials into it. Make sure that the space is around 3×3 feet. The only problem is if your local government does not allow composting in your backyard because it is unsightly, smelly, and might attract animals like birds, squirrels, and raccoons.

“Binless trenching” method

Instead of specifying an area in your yard or garden, you can choose to bury the organic matter and scraps eight inches in the ground. Let nature do its thing for two months, then you can start turning that area into a flower bed or you can plant vegetable and fruit on it.

DIY garbage can

The most inexpensive method of composting at home is to use your regular garbage can as compost bin. Great for small gardens and small backyards, all you have to do is drill five to six holes on the lid, the sides of the garbage can, and the bottom, so air can flow. Depending on your needs, you can use either small, medium, or large cans.

DIY wire compost bin

Similar to a binless heap but more organized, a wire compost bin uses your garden or your backyard for the compost. It doesn’t need a particular container or garbage can. All you have to do is place three or four stakes into the ground in a circular or rectangular shape. Next, stretch a plastic mesh or wide wire around the stakes and make a fence. You can then start composting inside that wire fence.



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