Marketing Opportunities for Organic Farming

organic farming

Organic farmers are not just growing organic crops, but they are also manufacturing products for their consumers. Although the process is vastly different, those engaged in organic farming are also in the business of marketing products and in a way, the unique service they do for these products.

Without marketing, consumers wouldn’t know how to separate organic products from those grown conventionally. This is a separation that has to be highlighted because this is what makes organic products better than their counterparts in the market. 

Direct Marketing

The first strategy refers to directly selling these products to consumers. An organic farmer can start a store right on his farm. It’s a farm-to-store concept where consumers will get the freshest produce they cannot find anywhere else.

In this strategy, farmers can sell these products in the same price range as they are being sold in grocery stores. They will also be responsible for designing the store and providing customer service. 

Marketing Through Restaurants and Groceries

Farmers can also bring their products to groceries and restaurants. They can choose vegetarian restaurants to bring more focus to their products. Groceries also have healthy green sections that exclusively carry organic farming products such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, and other organically grown food. 

For some farmers, it is easier to sell their products through third-party businesses such as groceries and restaurants. They only need to deliver the shipment at the scheduled time.

They don’t have to worry about selling them by the pound because restaurants and groceries buy in bulk. This gives them more protection in terms of risks and expenses usually associated with running a farm business. 

Social Media Marketing

Finally, organic farmers should also bring their products to social media. They can reach more people by using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to bring attention to their farms and organic approach. A lot of people are into healthy living these days. They are more conscious about the way they eat and what kind of food they consume. 

In today’s world, people are more conscious of what they eat and how these affect their health. As medical fees and insurance premiums continue to climb, people are realizing how organic farming can help them not fall victim to these rising costs.

Organic farmers need to realize that, as well as develop a marketing strategy that will reiterate that message to consumers every time they see their products. Although organic products are typically more expensive than conventional farming products, the difference is a small price to pay compared to falling ill because of the chemicals and substances used in conventional farms. 

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