Organic Farming 101: A Guide to Organic Spices

The organic farming industry has given quite a lot to the culinary world. With more and more people realizing the culinary benefits of organic food and products, it is not unusual to see organic products everywhere culinary, from fine-dining restaurants, to the average home kitchen. Organic food provides more flavor and nutritional value, so many people are looking to incorporate these into their daily lives.

One often overlooked ingredient in the kitchen is spices. Some people don’t bother with organic spices because it seems almost negligible, but you should know that choosing organic options for your spices can provide you with plenty of culinary and health benefits. Find out how spices from the organic farming industry can be good for you.

Better flavor

When you choose organic spices for your kitchen, you will find that these will provide you and your dishes with stronger flavors. Non-organic spices tend to be weaker in flavor, and this difference is very clear even from a scent perspective when you compare them side-by-side. Organic spices smell and taste fuller and their scents last longer, which can go a long way in giving your culinary endeavors an extra boost.

Avoid poor spice cultivation and management practices

Something that many people are not aware of is how problematic many non-organic cultivation practices are. Even for something as delicate as spices, non-organic spice farms use a wide variety of chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides to make it as large and visually appealing as possible.

The problem with this is that since plenty of spices are used in its raw form with minimal processing, a lot of the chemicals will stay on the final product, which will transfer over to your food. If you make the switch to the organic farming lifestyle for the purpose of avoiding chemicals in your food, but you still use non-organic spices, then the benefit of the rest of your organic ingredients will be nullified.

No worry about fillers

Another concerning method used by non-organic spice farms is the use of fillers to enhance and bulk up the volume of spices. A lot of the time, this is why non-organic spices tend to be weaker in flavor compared to organic ones.

By choosing organic spices for your kitchen, you will find that not only will you be avoiding many of the health concerns associated with GMOs and other chemically enhanced, non-organic food, but you will be giving your home meals a definite flavor boost that is sure to turn a simple home-cooked meal into a culinary wonder.

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