Organic Farming 101: How Organic Fertilizer Helps Crops

There’s a growing misunderstanding among agricultural communities and growers of the advantages of using the same kind of fertilizer used in organic farming in their agricultural farms and ranches. Many people believe organic fertilizers to be inferior, simply because it does not have the chemical properties that promote robust growth that is typically seen in commercial crops and products.

However, keep in mind that within the organic farming industry, they have been using organic forms of fertilizers with good results. While the resulting products do not have the same visual appeal as commercial products, organic products are popular because they have been observed to be more nutritious and more flavorful than their conventional counterparts.

Part of this is attributed to the kind of fertilizer that they use. Learn more about the benefits of organic fertilizer here.


Essentially, organic fertilizers come from organic waste in the form of clippings and compost. This is not lost to many communities and neighborhoods. What they see when the term organic farming, all they hear is garbage.

However, when treated properly, organic forms of fertilizer can provide your soil with the nutrients needed to grow your crops without hurting the quality of the soil, which tends to happen with chemical fertilizers.


Organic fertilizers are numerous times cheaper than chemical fertilizers because of how little it costs to produce. Farmers are so used to applying chemical fertilizers to their crops that we barely wince when we consume products that are grown with commercial-grade fertilizers.

So many studies have already pointed out the drawbacks of using fertilizers and pesticides made of chemicals. It’s time that farmers and communities accept the use of organic fertilizers as the most cost efficient method.

Essential organic nutrients

Organic fertilizers naturally contain potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, which farmers pay thousands of dollars in chemical fertilizers for. The reason why we use chemical fertilizers on our crops and vegetation is because of the plants’ need for these all-important nutrients.

There are many other organic nutrients found in organic fertilizers that could not be easily found in chemical fertilizers without having to use liberal amounts of different kinds of chemicals on your plants just to give them the bare minimum.

At the end of the day, it is better for your plants

As mentioned above, one of the strongest benefits of the fertilizers used in organic farming applications is the fact that due to its natural makeup, it has the capacity to boost the growth of your crops without taking away from the strength of the soil that it’s being grown in.

The problem with chemical fertilizers is that it drains the soil of its strength, which weakens it over time, making it hard to maintain crop growth for a long time. If you are after sustainable growth, then you should definitely look into organic fertilizers, even if you are not an organic farmer.

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