Organic Farming 101: Know Your Customers

One of the biggest things that people worry about when they consider getting into the organic farming industry is the fact that organic products tend to be priced a lot higher than products that have been cultivated with conventional farming practices.

As a result, those who are looking to get into this industry are worried that the higher pricing is going to scare off customers while finding it impossible to lower to cost of the products due to the higher production costs that need to be covered if they want to continue in this industry.

One way to make sure that you succeed in this industry is by knowing who your target audience is so that you can figure out who you’ll be selling your products to. Know your organic farming customers with this guide.


Some of the biggest groups who are looking to buy organic products are parents. Parents always want what’s best for their children, so they are more likely to purchase organic products for the benefit of their children’s health. If you’re interested in marketing to this particular demographic, then you should look into including products that are targeted towards children, such as organic snacks and easy-to-eat food.

Organic devoted customers

Of course, some of the most common customers you’re going to run into when you’re looking to sell organic products is the crowd that is fully immersed in the organic community.

These are the people who are fully aware of the importance and benefit of going organic and will happily buy your products as long as it meets the organic certifications. Make sure that your organic label certifications remain up to date so that this particular demographic continues to patron you.

Health-conscious customers

It is no secret that products that have been cultivated under conventional practices are a concern to many consumers today because of the number of chemicals and fertilizers that are used in these just to grow them. This has a large hand in people’s interest in organic products. Look into healthier products, like organic vegetables and similar products to market to this audience.

Local customers

Some of the biggest supporters of organic farming businesses are local customers. Because organic products don’t keep long due to the lack of chemicals and other preservatives, it’s better to sell your organic vegetables and other fresh produce in local communities and events, like farmer’s markets.

The great thing about the local community is that they are willing to buy products from you even if they don’t meet the aesthetic appeal of supermarket groceries and products.

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