Organic Farming 101: Products That Can Be Certified Organic

Many farmers are seriously considering making the shift to organic farming. This is a great decision to make since the demand for organic products is only going up. However, some farmers are nervous about making the transition because they aren’t sure about whether or not their products can be certified.

The organic certification process is a long one, so you want to make sure you meet the basic requirements before you take the leap. To help you get started in the organic farming industry, here is a basic guide on what products can be certified organic.

Food and drink

Food and drink is what automatically comes to mind when people think about organic products. This is what makes up a large part of the organics industry. Out of all of the products that can be certified organic, food and drink can be considered as some of the easiest products to certify organic since they have very clear-cut guidelines and practices that are easy to follow, unlike some of the other organic sectors.

Body care products

With the recent surge of demand for products that are safe for the environment, people are looking to include body care products in their daily organic product use. However, organic body care regulations are fairly loose, especially in comparison to the certification regulations of organic food and drink, which can make it tricky to get into. But succeeding in certifying your body care products as organic can pay off in the long run.

Pet food and other pet products

Pet food and other pet products are slowly starting to become more commonplace in many households. People want the same kind of health benefits that organic products give for their pets, which is why the demand for organic pet products is going up. The requirements for organic pet food and products are quite similar to the requirements for livestock and human food products.

Seeds and gardening supplies

The organic farming industry is large enough that homeowners are looking to get into this on a small scale from the comfort of their homes. Some of the products that are included in the list of organic gardening supplies are trees, bulbs, plant starters, and vegetable and herb seeds, to name a few.


There is an increased demand for organic fibers to make all kinds of products, from clothes and beddings. However, if you’re looking to have this certified, keep in mind that the certification only applies to the fibers themselves, not the treatment of the fibers or the final products made with the fibers.

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