Organic Farming 101: What Products Can Be Certified Organic?

There is no denying the fact that organic farming is one of the most prominent industries that you can be a part of nowadays. With more people looking to live a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones, it can be very easy to see where the demand for organic products comes from.

Aside from the consumer end, the organics industry is becoming more appealing as a potential business. However, some people are wary about getting into the organics industry because of the misconception that organics are something that can only refer to the crops and livestock in organic farming. In reality, there are plenty of products that can be certified organic that you can specialize in.

Restaurants and other food services

Of course, even if you don’t want to get into the farming aspect of it, there is no denying the fact that there is a lot of demand for organic food. Because of this, one of the most popular branches of the organics industry is in the restaurant business. While you don’t have to grow the products yourself, you will have to partner up with local organic farmers to get the food products you need to advertise your meals as organic.


Textiles are a largely untapped industry for organics, but they do exist. Plenty of people are concerned about the environmental impact that conventional textile manufacturing processes cause, so many of them are looking to organics. If this is something that you’re interested in, keep in mind that you should always discuss this with a certifying agent in order to comply with the needed requirements.

Body and skin care products

Of course, one of the biggest branches of the organics industry is in skin and body care products. More people are concerned about what they’re putting on their skin, especially when you factor in the number of chemicals that are typically present in commercial products.

Gardening supplies

Getting into organic farming is not something that has to be limited to a commercial endeavor. There are plenty of people who are looking to transition to organics within the home. For home gardeners, they do this by purchasing organic gardening supplies.

There are plenty of gardening products that can be certified organic. Seeds, bulbs, starters, pesticides, and fertilizers are just some of the basic gardening supplies that can be certified organic. If you are interested in taking part in the organics movement in your own way, this is a pretty good place to start.

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