Organic Farming 101: Who Buys Organic Products?

organic farming

Organic farming is an industry that has seen a lot of growth in these past few years. With environmental concerns being a much-talked-about topic, there is a stronger push for ways to decrease humanity’s carbon footprint on the earth, which is why the idea of organic farming and organics as a whole has become very popular very quickly. 

However, while this is definitely good for the local ecosystem and the environment, as a farmer, you have to be concerned about your livelihood. If you get into organics, who are you going to be selling to? Who is your target market? Here is everything you need to know about the people who buy organic products. 


You may be surprised to find that one of the main target consumers for organic products are, well, parents. Parents nowadays are faced with nearly limitless options when it comes to deciding what to feed their children. 

Because of the negative implications and consequences of traditional farming in regards to chemical use, more parents are looking to buy more natural products for their children. This is also because in general, they want to minimize their family’s exposure to chemicals and GMOs. 

Those who care about organic as a concept

Of course, there is always the demographic that cares about organic farming as a concept. These are most likely to be an environmentally aware group. This group of consumers is well-aware of organics and how this can make an impact on our environment. 

One thing you should note about this particular group of consumers is that they are fully informed on organics and make a conscious decision to pay more for organic products because of the full benefits of switching to organics. 

Health-conscious individuals

Organic products have become closely associated with healthy products nowadays, and more health-minded individuals are looking to incorporate these into their daily living. 

Everyone from expectant mothers to gym rats is looking to enjoy the benefits of a fully organic diet, which is why this group is another very significant demographic that you should keep in mind when marketing your organic products. 


Surprisingly enough, one of the biggest groups of customers for organic products is local consumers. Plenty of organic products are widely available at local farmers’ markets, which is where most locals shop for quality products. 

Another reason why locals love organic products so much is that this is another way for them to support local businesses, which can go a long way in helping the local economy. 

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