Organic Farming and Its Direct Connection to Consumers Because of Covid-19

For the past couple of decades, the only way we can get access to organic farming products is to buy them from grocery stores and order them from restaurants. Sure, some of us troop to far-flung organic farms to get organic produce but these activities are far and in between. Most of us simply go to the grocery store if we want to get a tub of organic mushrooms.

And then, the pandemic happened. So far, it has given organic farming a good opportunity to reach everyday consumers. People are now more concerned than ever about their health. They want to eat healthy food. They are conscious about the products that they consume. They want to be better and do better for the environment.

That’s why today, organic farmers finally have direct access to consumers. That’s partly because of the pandemic, partly because of social media, and partly because organizations are helping them reach their target market. During the height of the outbreak, organic farmers had a hard time selling their products. Since local restaurants have closed down, the orders have stopped coming in.

That’s when various organizations and groups started farmers’ markets specifically for organic produce. People also don’t want to go to grocery stores where they have to mingle with strangers. They are thinking about all the people who needed to touch their food before they get to buy them. So, they looked on the internet for farms that sell directly to consumers.

Lo and behold, organic farms are also looking for a way to sell their products directly to customers. Organic farms reported an increase in their sales since the pandemic. Consumers want to know where their food is coming from and how they are grown. That’s why they are visiting organic farms. They want to see it with their own eyes. Customers feel better knowing that the food they consume is free from harmful chemicals and contaminants that not only hurt their bodies but the environment, too.

Another reason for this increased attention to organic farming is the closure of state borders during the height of the pandemic. Since people cannot cross to other states, they focused on consuming what’s locally produced. This is why states with organic farms did better in terms of raising the standard of the quality of food people consume.

This doesn’t look like a passing trend. People are bound to focus more on their health because of the pandemic. They finally understood why it’s super important to eat healthily.

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