Organic Farming and Living 101: Organic Household Items

Many people are aware of the importance of the organic farming industry and how it can help lessen our environmental impact. Because of increased awareness about our impact on the environment, consumers are now looking for ways to support the organic industry. 

One way that they are trying to do so is by making the right purchasing decisions in terms of the food that they buy and eat. However, there are other ways to support the organic farming industry in addition to what’s in your pantry, it’s just a matter of looking around your home.

Plastic containers

One of the most common tools that you’ll see around your home is plastic containers for various uses. For example, many people choose to buy bottled water and simply throw away the bottles once they’re doing with them. 

The problem with this is that the plastic bottle contains chemicals and other toxins that end up getting dumped into the ocean once people are done with them. The best way to counteract this is by using reusable water bottles that you can refill as needed. 

Another important thing to pay attention to in the home is the plastic containers that you use to store your food for cooking and eating. Many people like to use disposables since they come in many easy sizes, but you should be looking into reusable glass containers that don’t contain any chemicals that will end up in your food. 


A commonly overlooked concern in the home is the cookware that you use to prepare your food. While non-stick is a popular option, keep in mind that many non-stick pans make use of a blend of chemicals to achieve that non-stick feature, which will make its way into your food. 

Make sure to pay attention to your pans so that you are making the right choices for the cookware that you are using to prepare food for you and your family. 

Support the organic farming industry by watching out for your hygiene products

Interestingly enough, one good way that you can support the organic farming industry is by keeping an eye on your hygiene products. You might not know this, but modern hygiene products contain plenty of additives like scents. 

Not only that, but products like cotton, that come from the agricultural sector tend to come from non-organic sources, which can mean that your cotton balls contain chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. 

If you use these on your scrapes and wounds, then you are transferring these chemicals to your wounds, which can aggravate them. Choosing organic versions of these products means giving your body what’s best for it. 

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