Organic Farming and Living: Sustainable Hacks for Your Home Garden

The organic farming and other environmentally-focused industries have inspired plenty of people to do their own small part in the preservation of our earth and its natural resources. 

Because of the push to make more environmentally-sustainable options, many people have turned to home gardening to raise their own organic crops and minimize their impact on the environment. 

However, keep in mind that raising an organic home garden usually comes hand-in-hand with sustainability. Here are some sustainable organic farming tips for your home garden. 

Use White Vinegar for Cleaning

If you have paving around your home garden, you may be looking for ways to keep it clean. Ditch the chemical cleaners and make use of more natural methods of cleaning. Vinegar is a popular home hack to replace chemical cleaners. 

Chemical cleaners contain a lot of materials and chemicals that can be harmful in the long run, so switching to a natural cleaner can help with the sustainability of your home garden. 

Compost for Natural Fertilizer

One of the first things that you should do when you start up an organic home garden is to start your own compost heap. You will be needing a natural source of nutrients for your organic garden. As much as possible, it’s important to stay away from chemical fertilizers as these will end up in your crops. 

The primary goal for an organic garden is to raise clean and healthy fruits and vegetables that you can eat and share with your family with no worries about chemical contamination, and setting up your own compost heap is a great way of making sure that your garden gets the nutrients that it needs to grow. 

However, keep in mind that growing a compost heap is not as simple as throwing everything out into the heap, you have to be mindful about what you’re putting into the heap. Certain materials can interfere with the decomposition of the compost and attract flies, which can affect the quality of your compost. 

Read up on what does and doesn’t belong in a compost heap so that you can guarantee that the compost that you use for your home garden is clean and full of the right nutrients. 

Look Into Manual Methods of Pest Control

Pests are always something that you have to worry about, whether you’re working on a small home garden or a large-scale organic farming operation. While it may take more time for you to get rid of pests manually, you will find that your efforts will easily pay off, as you end up with clean and organic fruits and vegetables that can help improve the quality of your life. 


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