Organic Farming and Living: What Products Should You Buy Organic?

Given the prioritization of health and the environment, you may find yourself wanting to support the organic farming industry, and with good reason. When you start getting into organic products, you might find yourself wanting to buy all of your products organic.

However, you will quickly find that organic products are significantly costlier than conventional ones. Because of this, you should be mindful about what products to buy organic. There are certain types of products that definitely have to be bought organic, so learn more about this here.

Peaches and apples

These are two types of fruits that definitely need to be bought organic because of how you eat them. Since you eat the entire fruit, skin and all, then you will want to be wary about whether or not there are pesticides and other chemicals on its skin.


Strawberries are another type of fruit that you should buy organic since this is a fruit that you eat whole. If you eat a strawberry that was grown with the help of chemicals, you can easily ingest this, no matter how many times you clean it.

Spinach and lettuce

As much as possible, you should be choosing the organic versions of any fruits and vegetables that you are eating raw, so leafy greens like spinach and lettuce are good candidates for this. When these are grown, spinach and lettuce are exposed to everything aboveground, so if they are grown with pesticides, then it will take on a lot of these. Even if you wash these as much as you can, it is impossible to wash off all of the pesticides that are on them.


Organic farming refers to more than just fruits and vegetables; it refers to animal products as well. Organic milk is something that you should consider adding to your grocery list, namely for the many benefits that it can provide you with. If you put organic milk and regular milk side by side, you will find that organic milk contains higher Omega-3 levels, which is good for heart health and other benefits.


Of course, the kind of meat that you choose to eat is important as well. If you choose non-organic, factory-farmed meat, then you will likely be eating meat that is pumped full of antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. With organic meat, you are assured of the fact that the meat that you are eating is clean and free of any chemicals.

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