Organic Farming Around the World

man pulling wheelbarrow for organic farming

If you’ve paid any kind of attention to the goods and products that you buy, you may have noticed a significant hike in the number of products that have been cultivated with organic farming techniques recently. It is no secret that organics is something that plenty of people are taking part in, even on a global scale.

If things go well, then you may see organic farming practices to be as commonplace and any conventional farming technique. To help you see the bigger picture, read on to learn more about the organic practices between different countries and continents here. 

North America

Of course, organic methods of farming and cultivation have really been gaining a lot of traction in the North American region of the world. In fact, the organic industry and activity in this area have become so widespread that they have already implemented an organics certification program to help make sure that all of the organics products that hit the shelves of supermarkets and stores comply with the requirements set by the agency. 

Latin America

Latin America is responsible for a significant variety of crops, namely coffee, cocoa, grains, exotic fruits, and sugar. A significant portion of their current agriculture is made up of organic activity. The incorporation of organics in farming and cultivation has become so widespread that the government has started implementing legislation and have started getting involved in this industry. 


Europe has one of the largest agricultural areas dedicated to organics around the world. Even today, the growth of organics as an industry in this continent continues on, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Europe focuses on a wide array of products that are being produced organically. Everything from fresh vegetables to dry grocery products and canned goods have organic options. Europe is also very strongly involved in the research and development of the methods and techniques that are being used in the organics industry. 


Plenty of Asian countries are also involved in the organics industry. Seafood and other aquatic products from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, textiles, and varieties of dry good and fresh produce are being produced under organic methods in Asia. 


While Africa is not typically known for its agricultural industry, it also has its own organic farming activity. Africa handles crops like coffee, cocoa, tea, spices, and fruits and vegetables and grows these using organic methods of farming and cultivation.

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