Organic Farming: People Are More Health-Conscious This Past Decade

organic farming

How have people become more health-conscious in the past decade? How did this phenomenon of gym memberships and organic farming products come to be? We have not always been health-conscious people. In fact, heart diseases and our unhealthy diets are the primary causes of deaths and illnesses in the past two decades. But recently, there has been renewed interest in gym memberships and healthy food products.

Social Media and Its Positive Effects on Body Images

People have always criticized social media for the negative effects it has on the way we see our bodies. When you follow models, influencers, and celebrities on Instagram and Facebook, we cannot help but be envious about the way they take care of their bodies and how they look. But also for many people, this has a positive effect on the way they eat and stay active with their lifestyles. 

Today, you will find many people enrolling in gyms and setting fitness goals for themselves. This is partly because they are exposed to celebrities and influencers who advocate for health and fitness and a balanced diet. Although the phenomenon of diet fads and trends still affect our knowledge of proper diet and fitness, more and more celebrities, influencers, and models are opening our eyes to the truth that sexy bodies do not necessarily mean strong and healthy bodies.

This knowledge then leads us to solutions to our health problems. For example, some people who have a hard time curbing their appetite have found out that certain foods like drinking freshly-squeezed lemon in the morning, for example, will help lessen their appetite for fatty and carb-heavy foods. The information they get from Facebook and Instagram also gives them the knowledge of the proper diet that they should follow to have a healthier and fitter body.

The Proliferation of Healthy Food Products 

As more and more farmers get into organic farming, it also became increasingly evident that organic products are the way to go. This means that people are more exposed to the benefits of organic food products. These healthy food choices are also more accessible to them. For example, there are now restaurants that offer vegan and vegetarian foods, as well as organic products and farm-to-table concepts.

Our exposure to more and better knowledge is enabling us to make wise and smart decisions when it comes to the food we eat. That, in a sense, means that social media is not all negative. It is the driving force of valuable information that we use to be healthier and fitter.

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