Organic Farming: The Characteristics of a Successful Organic Farmer

organic farming

The mind of an organic farmer is different from that of a conventional farmer. In organic farming, you must treat the causes of the problems, and not the problems themselves. It consists of a deeper way to look into the issues that affect agricultural land. An organic farmer cannot take shortcuts when cultivating the land.

Always, he needs to make the right decisions to make sure that his farm follows the regulations and procedures of organic farming. Every decision a farmer makes impacts the other aspects of the system. 


Organic farming is much harder than conventional farming. It takes a deep commitment to protecting the environment while also thinking of the yield of the land. Organically growing food products means prioritizing the health of the environment, too. An organic farmer isn’t only thinking about how much food he can produce, but also about the health of the land that grows his food. 


It takes a lot longer to grow food in an organic setting. Transitioning from conventional farming methods to organic farming also means waiting at least three years to ready the land. What are you going to do during the transition period? Not only do organic farmers have to be patient, but they also need good observational skills because they have to keep up with the demands of the agricultural field. 

Understanding of Ecological Systems

As an organic farmer, you can’t just decide one day to want to transition into this type of farming. You have to study it. You have to understand the demands of the soil and the ecological systems that influence the growth of the crops. Take time to learn the process of organic farming, as well as what you need to do to keep its nutrients intact. 


You also need to learn how to market your products. Organic products are different. They need to be marketed differently. Organic products actually have benefits over other types of agricultural products. They are more nutritious. You can market them to health-conscious individuals or people who are suffering from certain illnesses. 

Willingness to Share

Organic farmers should also be willing to share their knowledge with other farmers. If someone wants to start with organic farming, they can look at senior farmers for guidance and tips. Sharing your knowledge about what goes through the process means welcoming other farmers to protect the environment and follow sustainable agricultural practices. 

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