Organic Farming Tips For the Home Gardener

organic farming

There is a widespread demand for organic products in various industries. Not only is organic farming one of the most highly sought-out fields in the agricultural industry, but there is now a stronger push for the incorporation of organic methods in various commercial products.

Because of the accessibility of this, it is now easier for even amateurs to make use of organic methods in their home. One area where organics is being promoted is in home gardening. It is very possible to implement organic farming even in their home gardens as long as you take the necessary steps. Find out how you can accomplish this here.

Prepare your soil

Your soil is both figuratively and literally the foundation of your organic garden. Your plants will be relying on your garden’s soil to grow healthy crops, so you have to make sure that it’s strong enough to sustain your plants, even without the use of chemical fertilizers.

If you want to guarantee the quality of your soil for planting, you can look into having it tested. There are kits that you can use to take a sample and send off for testing to determine the quality of your soil to see if it can be viable for organic gardening.

Start a compost heap

Since you will not be relying on chemical fertilizers for your organic garden, you should start a compost heap. Keep in mind that if you have done this properly, then your compost heap isn’t supposed to smell, so if it does, you should be adding more leaves or straw and turn it over more often.

Choose your plants carefully

Take the time to learn about the kinds of plants that do well in your specific zone so that you know that they will be able to thrive in your local conditions. If you’re looking to plant from seedlings, then you should take a look through your local farmer’s market or a local nursery that specializes in organic plants.

Manage your weeds

Of course, organic methods of gardening also apply to weed management. For home gardens, it is easy enough to weed by hand and it’s great exercise!

Watch out for your pesticides

Avoid using pesticides when you’re dealing with pests in your organic home garden. There are plenty of organic ways of managing pests in a home garden. These can range from attracting predator types of insects to your organic home garden so that they will attack the pests, as well as using tools like hot pepper sprays and horticultural oils.

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