Organic Farming Tips for Weed Management

Support for environmentally-conscious movements like the organic farming industry have increased significantly over the past few years. With mindful consumerism a priority for many people, customers are now being smarter with how they shop, choosing products that reflect their value system. 

This means that organic products or ones that don’t make much of an environmental impact are slowly becoming more of a priority for consumers. However, the push for more environmentally-mindful actions are not just limited to their buying choices. This also extends to lifestyle changes. 

In fact, many homeowners have set up home gardens to grow small quantities of organic herbs and vegetables to enhance their homes, as well as do their part to minimize their carbon footprint. 

To make the most out of an organic home garden, then you need to know how to manage weeds and pests, so here are some organic farming tips that can help with this. 


Mulching is a simple way of weeding that does not have to rely on the use of chemicals. This method simply requires you to apply a layer of mulch on top of any exisitng weeds, which accomplishes two main things. It kills off the weeds that are already there, and it prevents any potential weeds from growing since it cuts off the oxygen. 


Vinegar is a great entry point to home organic weed killers. Great for small weeds, vinegar is good for managing the look of your garden since it can burn off the leaves and stems of these invaders. 

However, keep in mind that it can’t do much for weeds that are rooted deep into the soil, which is why you need to combine it with other forms of weed management. It’s important to watch out where you spray your vinegar though, as you can accidentally hurt your own plants with this weeding method.

Hot Water

It doesn’t get any more organic or eco-friendly than using simple boiling water to kill off weeds. All you have to do is boil up a kettle of water and pour it over the problematic plants. However, you have to be careful, as, like vinegar, the boiling water will not differentiate between the weeds and your plants. 

Organic farming bonus tip: when in doubt, weed by hand

While there are plenty of organic and eco-friendly ways to manage weeds in your home garden, it always helps to go back to basics sometimes. Even in large-scale organic farming operations, manual methods of weeding and pest control are used. This helps guarantee that you get all of the weeks and minimize damage to your plants.

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