Organic Farming: What Is the Driving Force Behind Organic Farmers?

organic farming

For many years, organic farmers were pictured as these non-conventional farmers who would rather use natural methods than time-tested, proven, and convenient chemical substances on the land that they farm on. But this isn’t why organic farming is important for the environment and economy.

Today, organic farmers finally realized the importance of the job that they do and even big corporates have begun investing in organic farms to better serve their consumers. 

Big Companies

Kraft and General Mills, for example, are using the power of organic food to market their products better. They’ve realized that consumers have changed. They can no longer be attracted to plain marketing strategies.

They want actual proof that these products are working as marketed. They are also more aware of the kind of food they consume. They’ve heard all the benefits of organic produce and that’s what they want. 

So, big companies have shifted from traditionally marketing conventional farming methods. The highlight now is on the organic process that each food item in the market passes through. Have you heard about a company now boasting of using the best fertilizers without mentioning the word organic? 


Organic farmers are more organized now. They have grouped themselves into successful cooperatives. Some of them have hundreds, if not thousands, of members across different states. Everyone’s offering the same things: organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, beef, pork, and poultry. 

These organic farmers support each other’s initiatives. They market each other’s products and services. They know how valuable their work is in the community where they belong. 


But what truly is driving organic farmers to this industry? The real driving force is the economics behind organic farming. Organic products can sell from 25% to 200% more than the prices of conventionally grown food products. This was the result of the study made by the USDA’s Economic Research Service. 


But of course, most organic farmers are using this method because they care for the environment. They have seen how catastrophic conventional farming methods are to the environment. They realized that the natural method used in the olden days is the most effective way of growing food and maintaining the Earth’s sustainability.

But shifting to organic farming is easier said than done. This means getting the ecological system to work harmoniously and working with it rather than finding a way around it. Organic farming demands patience and perseverance, which are a lot harder for those who depend on farms for their livelihood. 

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