Organic Farming: Who Buys Organic Products?

There are plenty of reasons why farmers make the transition into organic farming. It could be because choosing to make the shift to organic means making the more environmentally friendly decision because of the ecological benefits attached to it.

No matter what a farmer’s reason for going organic is, you have to admit that in order to be sustainable as an organic farm, you need to make sure that there is enough of a demand for your products. When it comes to selling organic products, you tend to learn more towards selling locally because the lack of preservatives in organic products makes it difficult to ship long distances.

In order to know how you’re going to sell the products of your organic farming, it’s important to learn who buys these.


Parents are one of the largest consumer groups when it comes to buying organic products. The reason behind this can be attributed to the fact that parents, particularly new parents, usually want healthier, cleaner food for their children and families.

These consumer groups are more likely to want to avoid GMOs and pesticides, hence the interest in organic products. It would be a good idea to focus a large part of your marketing on this demographic.

Health-conscious people

Health-conscious people are more likely to buy organic products simply because the lack of pesticides and chemicals used in organic products tend to be perceived as more healthy compared to their conventional counterparts.

It is easy enough to market organic products to this particular demographic as well. You simply have to focus on the health benefits involved when consuming organic products.

Organic advocates

Organic advocates are great for organic farmers and producers because this demographic is more likely to be willing to pay more for organic products because they understand the numerous benefits involved when doing so.

However, this demographic of consumers are looking for much more than organic. They want to make sure that your organic farming methods and practices are ethical and sustainable enough to produce good quality organic products without compromising on your methods.

To market to this consumer group, it helps to focus more on your farming practices and your organic integrity.


When it comes to organic farming, you’re always going to encounter a skeptic or two, and that’s perfectly normal. You shouldn’t waste too much time trying to market to this particular consumer group.

The best thing that you can do is continue to market your organic products as usual and hope they make the switch to organic. Some of them tend to do so, in the midst of a food recall or if they’ve had a health scare.

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