Property Value To Benefit From Biosolids Use

The common misconception about biosolids is that no one wants it in the neighborhood or the community. As a property owner, we are always challenged by the emerging trends in real estate, in soil nourishing, in farming and planting, and in different fertilizers produced in the market. In many communities even across the United States, where biosolids are being routinely applied to soil, facilities producing biosolids and using them to fertilize agricultural soil are still unwelcome.

There are many reasons to this, but the most common culprit is the lack of education and the lack of technical know-how on how biosolids are used and how it can benefit communities and neighborhoods. While it is true that biosolids emit unpleasant odor and it is hard to simply transport, the benefits far outweigh these little idiosyncrasies about this organic fertilizer.

Increases value of land

The truth is, the application of biosolids to a particular plot of soil could drive up the value of that real estate. If, for example, a farm in your neighborhood is using biosolids to fertilize its soil for crops and vegetation, this could spell a lot of benefit for you (if you want to grow crops in your own land or sell it to another farmer).

Biosolids transform an agricultural land or a ranch or farm into a nutrient-rich and crop-growing piece of real estate. This means that the yield will be better than when it is being boosted by chemical fertilizers. The products will be a lot healthier and safer compared to fruits or vegetables produced from soil fertilized by commercial-grade fertilizers.

This increases the value of the real estate and it is far easier to sell an agricultural land if it can yield better produce. Remember that the main value of a farm is how nutrient-rich its soil is, so if that can be boosted by the application of biosolids, there’s a good chance that your land will increase in value. You will be able to sell it for a higher price than its original value, pre-biosolids application.

The beauty about using biosolids is that it leaves no residue. It only protects the soil and increases its capacity to give life to crops and vegetation and even flowers and shrubs. So many of us don’t understand the intrinsic value of applying biosolids on our land, so we let go of the great opportunity to nourish our land and add value to it when the time comes to sell it.

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