3 Qualities To Look For In A Biosolids Producer

Perhaps, there will come a time when you want to use biosolids on your ranch, farm, or forestland. Perhaps, that time is now. Perhaps, you don’t know where to find a good biosolids producer that can provide you with good quality biosolids that could help the growth of plants, trees, and crops. There are many biosolids producers and distributors these days that it should not be hard for you to find one in your area.

But before signing up for a distribution, you need to get to know first your biosolids producer and what kind of products and services you can expect from him.


There are three major types of biosolids—Class A EQ, Class A, and Class B. Each of this class of biosolids has very specific uses and applications. Your biosolids producer must be learned and knowledgeable about not only the different classes of biosolids, but also where these types of biosolids are going to be applied.

Even if you have read all the information about biosolids, your producers should still have a better grasp of the critical information about this organic fertilizer. If you ask them a question about biosolids, they must be ready to explain the concepts and ideas to you. otherwise, you may be meeting or looking at a sham, and the producer may not exactly know what kind of biosolids you need for the application you plan.


Your biosolids producers must have a lot of experience working with biosolids. He must have a complete understanding of the different processes involved in the treatment of sewage sludge, which, in turn, transforms to biosolids. This involves having the proper experience in the treatment process, as well as in the distribution and the transportation of biosolids to different industries.


Professional biosolids producers know never to be annoyed with a lot of questions coming from a client. Since this is a fairly new technology we are talking about, we’re bound to have lots of queries about biosolids—where it comes from, how it is being treated, and what the distribution process is. Your dealer should be professional enough to adjust to the circumstances surrounding the public acceptance of biosolids.

In many cases wherein he might be faced with a challenge on how to distribute and transport it through a neighborhood, he should be professional enough to explain to the stakeholders what biosolids are and how it could be beneficial to communities and neighborhoods.

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