Reasons Why You Need to Support Organic Farming

organic farming

When you go to the grocery store, where do you automatically bring your cart to? Is it the aisle for the vegetables and fruits, the meat section, or the canned food? So many of us depend on canned and pre-packaged foods because it saves time and it’s a lot cheaper compared to preparing meals from scratch. But if there’s anything this coronavirus outbreak has taught us, it’s the importance of our health. This is why there is much focus on organic farming and its products these days. We are trying to find healthy ways of consuming food, and organic farming is at the core of that. 

The term organic refers to the way agricultural products are grown. It means the products are free from chemicals, substances, and fertilizers that may alter their genetics. In many countries, this also refers to the way the foods are processed.

Though countries have different regulations on which food items deserve the term organic, they all agree that the crops must be without synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers. 

For animals such as livestock and poultry, they should not be grown with the use of antibiotics, animal by-products, and growth hormones. 

Health Benefits

Organically grown food has many health benefits, including antioxidants. They are packed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, too. People with allergies to certain foods, chemicals, and preservatives find it easier to eat organic foods because they are free of these sometimes harmful substances. They also found out that organic foods lessen their symptoms or make the allergy completely go away.

Organic produce is also fresher compared to conventionally-grown food products. Because they don’t have preservatives, they don’t last too long on the shelves.

When you buy organic produce, that means they have been harvested just that day or a day before. To make sure you get the freshest organic farming products, go to the farms yourself and pick the vegetables and fruits you like. 

Better for the Environment

You should not only care about your health. The health and sustainability of the environment are equally important. Organic farming lessens pollution caused by conventional farms.

It also conserves water, reduces soil erosion, uses less energy, and increases soil fertility. This is not only better for the environment in general, but for people living near these farms, too. 

Farming without using pesticides and other chemicals is great for the animals living in and near the farms. The water they drink won’t come into contact with contaminants that could harm them. The same can be said for the water source shared by neighboring communities. 

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