Reclaiming Mine Lands Through Biosolids

How much humans destroyed the environment is a question we might never know the answer. But that doesn’t mean we cannot see and fee its effects. Rising and dropping temperatures, as well as extreme weather condition, will make you feel how we wronged the environment. That is not to mention how many oceans are suffering and how many kinds of animals are now extinct. This is one of the many reasons why biosolids have become an effective solution to most soil problems.

How about mining sites? Heavy machineries used in mining sites have forever altered these landscapes—loss of topsoil, compacting soil, and wind and water erosion. In the past, we have seen animals grazing in mining sites and even plants can grow and thrive there. That is a long-lost memory because most mining sites are now completely dry and lifeless.

Out of the many benefits and advantages of biosolids, its used in mining sites might be the most important. Mining sites have what they call “disturbed soils,” meaning this is a soil that has been degraded by commercial machines and chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other substances. This is also the kind of soil that has been abused again and again by human footprint. Thankfully, disturbed soils can be restored and revitalized through the addition of organic matter such as biosolids.

Did we mention that mining sites lose its topsoil because of the heavy machines used to mine them? Organic biosolids has the ability to replace the lost topsoil and even improve soil fertility and stability. In turn, this decreases erosion and help these lands be viable again for vegetation and crop production. This is the primary reason why biosolids is being used to restore many disturbed soils found in mining sites, parks, road cuts, and construction sites.

This works by adding the biosolids in infrequent dosages or as one-time application to the disturbed soils. The result is astonishing. It increases the amount of nutrients and organic matter in the damaged and disturbed soils. The presence of the increased nutrients in the disturbed soil because of the addition of biosolids start the growth of plants on the site. It also has a reserve of nutrients that over time, plants can access.

The application of biosolids has other advantages such as a better aerated and lighter soil. Nutrients also stay in the topsoil over time unlike in commercial fertilizers that erodes off from the surface in the long run. These benefits allow the restoration of the ecosystem that will hopefully grow and prosper in the future.

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