Six Good Reasons To Choose Organic Farming

organic farming

In an age where processed foods have become the norm, people are clamoring to get back to our roots and are looking for products that have been grown or raised under organic farming standards. 

It can be easy to see why with the constant fear that the food that we are putting into our bodies, especially with the popular application of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and GMOs. All of these concerns make up a strong case for the use and cultivation of organic products, not to mention its benefit to the environment. 

However, despite the strong case for it, there are plenty of people who are strongly opposed to it, citing the fact that the yield for organic products tends to be significantly smaller than conventional farming, at much higher costs. No matter how you feel about it, here are six top undeniable reasons to choose organic farming. 

Keeps toxins away from everything, including ourselves

The strongest case for the promotion of organic methods of farming lies in the fact that since it is a method that relies on natural forms of farming, from pest control to fertilizer use, there is no risk of contaminating the product with toxins typically seen in pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional farming. This results in a product that is healthier for us. 

Results in healthier soil

Something that you need to take seriously in your choice of farming method is how your methods are impacting the soil that you use. The main problem with conventional farming is the fact that it drains all of the nutrients from the soil without returning any of it, which leads to weaker soil that becomes useless after a few years. Organic methods of farming return the nutrients back to the soil, which replenishes it. 

Promotes biodiversity

The local environment needs to be something to worry about in your farming. With organic methods, you are using the local ecosystem the way it was designed to, which promotes healthier biodiversity. 

No risk of local water pollution

The contamination of local water sources is an unfortunately common occurrence in conventional farming because of the pesticides and fertilizers that get mixed into the soil and leeches into local water sources. This is caused by the weaker soil structure, which carries the contaminated water to local streams. Organic farming lessens the risk of this happening. 

Support local farmers

Your local economy also gets a boost with organic methods of farming. Organic farms tend to be smaller, local owners, and choosing to purchase their products over big box stores allows for the growth of the local economy.

The products simply taste better

When you get right down to it, products made with organic methods of farming simply taste better than the mass-produced stuff you get in larger supermarkets. They may be smaller, but all of that flavor is packed into that, which creates a healthier and more wholesome flavor. 

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