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How Biosolids Treatment Plants Ensure Communities Are Safe From Possible Contaminants

What we do know about the management and treatment of biosolids is that they are regulated and regularly inspected by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Regular monitoring and inspection allow the EPA to ensure that communities remain safe from possible contaminants that treatment facilities discharge. The use of treatment plants of the same waterways and […]

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Important Things To Remember About Storing Biosolids

Whether you are part of the management of a biosolids treatment plant or a mere observer, it’s important to know how to properly store biosolids… not sewage sludge, but biosolids, which are ready for land application and various other usages. Biosolids is a critical part of a sustainable environment that we’re all trying to achieve […]

Where To Apply Class A Biosolids

We all know about biosolids. We all know where and how it is made, if we make the time to research about it. We all know that Class A biosolids are the best kind of biosolids there is. We know that it is highly acceptable in many, many communities, and that people are more open […]

Government Regulations On The Public Acceptance of Biosolids

The 40 CFR Part 503 Biosolids Rule of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes regulations on the management of biosolids. It includes the Clean Water Act amendments of 1977 and 1987, which required regulators and stakeholders to take a more active role in managing and using biosolids. But all of these were state regulations and […]

Top 4 Reasons Why Biosolids Can Be Considered Safe

The apprehensions about biosolids are understandable enough mainly because of the lack of information about it and the several misconceptions we have about where it came from and what it does. Biosolids are as natural and organic as fertilizers come. They are now the choice of many farmers and gardeners because of the multitude of […]

Ways To Know That Biosolids Are Safe To Use

Many people are still wary about applying biosolids on land, especially on agricultural land that is responsible for the production of food products that humans eventually consume. Though there is a big understanding of the benefits of biosolids and why they should be used instead of chemical fertilizers, there is still a big misconception about […]

Why Should Farmers Choose Biosolids Over Chemical Fertilizers?

There is a reason for everything, even choosing basically domestic waste over chemical fertilizers that have been produced by reputable agricultural companies from around the world. Yes, sometimes, even biosolids coming from waste is better than the continued commercialism of the agriculture industry. Commercial-grade fertilizers have long been used to hasten the growth of crops […]

A Guide To Basic Hygiene Practices For Workers In The Biosolids Industry

Workers who handle wastewater sewage or work in treatment plants that eventually produce biosolids are at greater risk of contracting waterborne diseases. Though facilities try to minimize the harm and the exposure to certain types of contaminants and to directly handling waste, there can be no 100-percent assurance that biosolids workers are protected from illnesses […]