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Rehabilitating Mining Sites Using Biosolids

When mining operations are complete, the change in topography and the stripping of vegetation can lead to a serious soil erosion. This will wash away precious nutrients and clog up waterways because of the run-off. Not to mention that it would also create an unsightly pile of dirt that can’t be used for anything. The […]

Why Issues About Biosolids Should Be Taught In School

Less than a century ago, Americans throw their waste into the rivers, the ponds, and the lakes. Eventually, all of these will hit the ocean and will be consumed by the very species we, humans, also consume. Taking care of the environment is a never-ending cycle and thus, the process of treating the municipal sewage […]

Best Ways To Learn About Biosolids

Many people have questions about biosolids—what it is, where it came from, how it is being used, and how it can benefit the communities. They want to know how biosolids are being produced, tested, and used. But the misconceptions about biosolids are being led by the lack of information about them. People don’t know what […]

Understanding Co-Disposal Landfilling Of Biosolids

Co-disposal landfilling is the method of combining wastewater solids with municipal solid waste and then placing this mixture in a permitted landfill. Typically, municipal solid waste is first spread near the working face of the landfill. Then, the next layer would be the wastewater solids. The two solids would then be mixed with traditional landfill […]

How Community Acceptance Benefits Biosolids Management

The reason that biosolids management has faced challenges and difficulties even with the wide array of resources and information available on the internet is because of negative public perception. As long as communities try to reject the benefits of using biosolids in their land, the management, production, disposal, and transportation of biosolids will fail to […]

What Forestlands Owners Must Do Before Applying Biosolids

Biosolids are a good source of nutrients since they act as a slow-release fertilizer that supplies the most essential elements needed to increase the growth of trees in forestlands. The most important nutrients are found in biosolids, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The application of biosolids on forestlands has been increasing because of the need […]

Biosolids For Forestland Fertilization

In the United States, harvesting timber and other forest-related products is a big contributor to the economic activities of many, many states that are rich in forest resources. That’s why it is extremely important to understand the application of biosolids for forestland as a critical phase in the management of harvesting timber and forest products. […]