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Organic Farming 101: Know Who Your Customers Are

Making the decision to focus on organic farming from conventional farming is not an easy one to make. This is because compared to conventional methods of farming, organic methods and the process of certification are significantly more difficult to handle. The initial overhead costs in terms of time and resources are a large part of […]

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Top Myths About Organic Farming and Food

The organic farming industry is definitely one of the biggest industries nowadays. This is mostly due to the growing concerns that people have about the food and products that they are eating and using. There have been many proven benefits of choosing organics over their conventional counterparts. However, there are still many people who insist […]

Organic Farming 101: How Organic Fertilizer Helps Crops

There’s a growing misunderstanding among agricultural communities and growers of the advantages of using the same kind of fertilizer used in organic farming in their agricultural farms and ranches. Many people believe organic fertilizers to be inferior, simply because it does not have the chemical properties that promote robust growth that is typically seen in […]

Is Organic Farming and Food Just a Fad?

With health being one of the biggest concerns for plenty of people, it is no surprise that consumers are turning to organic farming products and methods. This is because organic products provide more health benefits in the form of more nutritional content and minimal exposure to chemicals. However, because of the amount of work needed […]