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Organic Farming Is Going Mainstream And We’re All For It

In the past few years, there have been heavy criticisms about organic farming, mainly that it began to be similar to some of the methods of conventional farming. According to some studies, organic farms have started to follow the monoculture practice of conventional farms, as well as its reliance on purchased inputs and industrial processes. […]

What Triggered Organic Farming?

It wasn’t so long ago when we were not concerned about what we’re putting on the table. We buy the ingredients from our grocery stores, slice them up, cook them with vegetable oil and voila, we have a dinner for the whole family. But the recent decade has ushered in a global phenomenon of organic […]

3 Things To Remember To Start Organic Farming

Dreaming about organic farming is the most fun part of the process; that and reaping the fruits, of course. The hardest part? Well, that should be the journey, the work that must now come into play that we started to act on our dreams. But work is necessary to achieve your dreams and this is […]

How To Encourage Others To Get Into Organic Farming

Over the last decade, organic farming has grown not only in popularity but also in profit. We have seen how communities, little by little, started to turn to organic products as our unhealthy lifestyles causing many diseases and illnesses. But studies have been made that though many people are into a more organic lifestyle, which […]

What You Need To Do To Start Organic Farming

For now, buying products from organic farming is a bit on the expensive side and that’s why we see many people starting to grow their own crops in their backyards. If they want to live healthily but cannot afford the cost of going organic, then it might be better for them to start their own […]

Best Practices In Organic Farming

The US Department of Agriculture is the regulating body that studies, researches, analyzes, reviews, monitors, and implements the guidelines for organic farming. Regularly, it publishes a set of guidelines and regulations on organic agriculture, which is described as the application of a set of cultural, biological, and mechanical practices to support and promote ecological balance […]