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3 Environmentally Sound Biosolids Distribution Sites

Biosolids management is a tough conversation to have because of the critical component of the treatment process. Since waste management was a major problem for US states in the last decades, finding out that these could solve the distribution and application of treated sewage sludge was a golden opportunity for the federal government and its […]

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Biosolids Management Points For Facility Storage

Aside from the successful generation of biosolids in facilities and plants, there should also be provisions for the daily amount of biosolids that are being produced and cannot be land applied immediately. The storage of the biosolids is a critical component of understanding the benefits of biosolids for the environment, as well as general public […]

The Biosolids Process of Dewatering And Drying

The regulations governing biosolids process are so strict that treatment plants have to regularly study the processes they use in order to get the necessary permits and licenses from governing authorities. But these rules and regulations are essential to assure that the treated sewage sludge can be applied on land used for food production. The […]

The Role of Biosolids In Renewable Energy

Before the treatment of biosolids was discovered, Americans have been throwing out their waste into rivers, streams, and lakes. Eventually, scientists developed the process of landfilling and incinerating. For a time, these practices were okay, too, since it reduced the exposure of communities to harmful municipal waste such as human feces and things that we […]

Raising Awareness For The Benefits of Biosolids

Communities and neighborhoods all across America are finding it hard to accept the use of biosolids with open arms. Though they are not necessarily opposed to treating sewage sludge and transforming them into this form of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, treatment plants have a great responsibility to raise awareness through information dissemination. Educating communities is one […]

Separating Sewage Sludge From Biosolids In Fertilizer Use

Even with enough information available on the internet and from public journals and studies, the use of biosolids as fertilizer is still a hotly-debated topic among communities. Even in America, where the recycling and treatment of waste to produce biosolids is a largely accepted practice, many people still crinkle their noses when they think about […]

What Biosolids Contain And What They Are Used For

As a product of wastewater treatment process, biosolids can be beneficial for a number of purposes when managed and treated properly. A municipality must be careful in distinguishing between biosolids and sewage sludge. A material can only be called and referred to as biosolids if it fulfilled the requirements of treatment and management. There is […]

An Overview of The Three Types of Biosolids For Garden Use

Using biosolids for your garden and landscapes is beneficial for the community and the environment. Since biosolids are locally produced, with its sources coming from domestic waste, using it as organic fertilizers for your garden is directly impacting in a positive way the local community and environment. There are three types of biosolids that can […]