The Difference Between Organic Farming and the Conventional Kind

organic farming

In a world where everything is manufactured, health has become one of the main priorities for many families and their loved ones. Because of this, organic farming and the idea of clean eating is becoming more sought after by consumers nowadays. 

It has become so ingrained in our consumer society that if you were to take a walk through your local supermarket, you will see the numerous organic options that are available for purchase. However, is organic really the way to go for the products that you choose?

 What exactly sets it apart from regular products? To help you understand this better, learn more about the differences between organic farming and conventional farming to understand how organic farming gained its label as being the more healthy choice for your produce. 

Pesticide use

Of the two types of farming, the most distinctive differences between the two are their methods of pest control as well as the type of pesticides that they use to help manage the onslaught of pests that they may have to deal with. 

Conventional farming uses chemical pesticides which are pretty straightforward in how they deal with pests, but in the long run, can be harmful to your crops and the surroundings. On the other hand, the organic method of farming makes use of natural pest control techniques, such as organic pesticides and crop rotation. 


Sustainability is one of the most significant arguments that people have when it comes to choosing organic methods of farming over the more conventional types. 

A serious concern about the long-term use of conventional farming methods is that the overuse of chemical pesticides and other chemicals needed for farming may hurt the soil as well as the nearby environment, which means that in the long run, conventional farming is not sustainable. 

With organic farming, you make use of all-natural methods to grow crops, from the pesticide used to the fertilizer, which means that the soil is constantly replenished with nutrients. This makes it a much more sustainable form of farming which can be used for a long time. 

Fertilizer use

The type of fertilizer that you use is another huge difference between conventional and organic farming. As mentioned before, conventional farming utilizes artificial or chemical fertilizers which are great for plant growth but is not good for the health of the soil that it is being used in. 

This is because chemicals lack the ability to replenish the nutrients that are being leached out of it. Organic farming makes use of fertilizers that accomplish plant growth while providing nutrients to the soil at the same time, which is why it is considered more sustainable in the long run.

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