The Key Features of Organic Farming

When you pass by a farm or want to buy directly from a farm, how would you know that one is organic and the other is a conventional farm? Are there any tell-tale signs that would glaringly point out to you that a particular farm is organic and not? The basic feature of an organic farm is that everything has to be “natural.” It means there’s an effort to maintain the natural system in the farm or the ranch.

Here are the key features that are worthy to take note of when checking out if a farm or ranch is organic or not:

Natural production of poultry and livestock

Natural production means the livestock and poultry are being taken care of in the most natural of ways—you let them grow into their own. There is no using of antibiotics, hormone-altering meds, and even medications to make the livestock and poultry grow faster. An organic farmer should provide the most natural living conditions for the poultry and livestock.

Their feeds should be organic and the livestock and poultry should be used in the farm or ranch. For example, the livestock can plow the dirt, haul, and recycle their waste and turn it into manure.

Parasites and other diseases won’t affect the livestock and poultry because of preventive measures such as a balanced diet, sanitary housing, and stress reduction.

Natural production of crop

The need to strengthen the fertility of crops cannot be emphasized enough. However, there is also a conscious effort to control pests, weeds, and diseases from spreading out to the crops. The diversity of a farm’s or ranch’s crops can actually benefit soil management for the improved productivity of the farm.

Weed and pests are common occurrence in a farm or ranch, but organic farming will not use herbicides or pesticides to address these issues. Instead, organic farmers are putting in place organic measures that would make the crops safe and healthy for consumption.

If there is a pest outbreak on the crops, farmers will put in measures such as barriers and traps, insect predators, and even biological pesticides. Although most of these would require extreme effort from the farmers, it won’t harm the natural biodiversity of the farm or ranch.

Soil management

BS Ranch & Farm knows exactly what kind of soil you need, depending, of course, on what you want to achieve. Organic farming relies heavily on the health of the soil because here is where the nutrients will be coming from. The soil from BS Ranch & Farm is naturally made of compost, natural mineral powders, and green manure.

The right soil management will ensure that any crop or vegetables that would be planted there will come out to be safe and healthy for consumption.

Record keeping

In order to provide an evidence of the organic procedures and practices in your farm and ranch, you need to keep everything in record. That means the entire farm activities, whether they are organic practices or a more standard way of farming.

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