Top 4 Reasons Why Biosolids Can Be Considered Safe

The apprehensions about biosolids are understandable enough mainly because of the lack of information about it and the several misconceptions we have about where it came from and what it does. Biosolids are as natural and organic as fertilizers come. They are now the choice of many farmers and gardeners because of the multitude of nutrients they present.

The safety of applying biosolids in land has been questioned again and again, but there have been no incident of contamination from biosolids in the modern era. In fact, biosolids are the safest method to boosting the nutrients in soil.

They have been used for centuries

We might not know it at the time, but biosolids have been used for centuries by our ancestors. As early as then, they figured out that the waste from our bodies could come up with the same nutrients that it consumed when we ate vegetables and fruits and even meat. Though it is unclear if they used an ancient process of treating waste, there are solid documents that show biosolids, or the ancient form of it, have been used and applied on land since time immemorial.

They are treated repeatedly

To produce biosolids, household waste just don’t go through one treatment process. It goes through several treatment processes in order to produce biosolids that are safe to use in land that produce crops and food. Even before the household waste gets into a treatment plant, it is already being filtered to remove harmful contaminants. By the time it becomes biosolids, there is almost zero presence of pathogens, metals, and other chemicals.

They are being used right now to boost crop production

Unknown to you, but you are probably consuming food that grew in soil nourished by biosolids. This is especially true if you only consume organic products. In order for a food item to be organic, it must grow in land that was treated and nourished organically and naturally. Chemical and commercial fertilizers should not be found anywhere near land that produces organic products. When you eat in restaurants and order grass-fed meat, who’s to say that the grass eaten by said animal did not use biosolids? But you’re fine, right? You are healthy. That’s because biosolids are safe for food production.

They are regulated by the EPA

You can’t let anything pass by the EPA. The regulations and guidelines set to monitor the safety of biosolids use are like nothing you can ever imagine. Before a treatment plant receives a go-signal to operate, it will go through a rigid clearance process. Even the process of treating sewage sludge is strictly regulated that substandard processes would not be able to receive clearance and license.

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