Top 5 Reasons to Support Organic Farming in the 21st Century

organic farming

Even though we all know that organic products are good for us, many of us still don’t buy into the idea of spending more to support organic farming. That’s why farmers are forced to continue with conventional farming methods. For many of them, organic farming and its low yield per season are simply not worth the hassle, investment, and effort. If organic farming is to be successful in the 21st century, there needs to be a renewed call for support for it. 

Reduce the Toxic Load

Conventional farming methods will eventually take its toll on the environment. Supporting organic products means you’re doing your share in reducing the toxic load of conventional farming on the environment. Organic farming does not use chemicals and hazardous products that harm agriculture. Safe food products don’t only benefit your family, but the environment as well. 

Eliminate Farm Pollution

Industrial products and synthetic fertilizers don’t only harm the farmlands and farmers, but they also wreak havoc to the environment. Pesticides and other chemical products can drift downstream, affecting non-farm communities with invisible poisons. In fact, synthetic fertilizers are the known culprit for the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, the Science Magazine said in an article dated August 2002. 

Protect Generations

Do you know that the kind of health risks and hazards that pesticides and fertilizers trigger in the environment is only tolerable to adults? Infants and toddlers suffer the most from these, and they’re not even aware that at least four generations before them were responsible for their exposure to harmful chemicals in the water, land, and air. 

Reinvigorate the Soil

The loss of topsoil costs the US government billions of dollars each year. There’s an equal loss of micronutrients in vegetables and fruits, too, because of soil erosion caused by mono-cropping and chemical fertilizers. Organic farming will feed the soil with its much-needed and missed nutrients. Organic farms have higher levels of vitamins and minerals, a 2005 study said. 

Better and Truer Taste

Organic food tastes better. Scientists have found that out in a number of tests, though proponents of organic agriculture have been saying this for years. Lab test trials have already proven this. In an experiment, organically grown strawberries tasted better than their counterpart from a conventional farm. Another study pointed out that organic products have higher antioxidants and lower nitrates. These reasons alone should push societies to choose organic food than conventionally-grown ones. 

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