Top Myths About Organic Farming and Food

organic farming

The organic farming industry is definitely one of the biggest industries nowadays. This is mostly due to the growing concerns that people have about the food and products that they are eating and using. There have been many proven benefits of choosing organics over their conventional counterparts.

However, there are still many people who insist that organics are nothing more than an expensive label to charge people more for a piece of product.

This is just one of the many myths that plague the organic farming industry today and can prevent people from making a life choice that can benefit them greatly. To help you out, here are some of the most common myths about organic food and products, as well as their reality.

Myth: Organic food isn’t healthier

One of the biggest myths that you will encounter in the world of organics is the idea that organic food isn’t actually healthier, despite the numerous studies that prove otherwise. Keep in mind that the main point of organic food is to grow these without the aid of chemical preservatives and fertilizer. As a result, the food’s natural essence is preserved and isn’t mixed with chemicals.

Myth: Organic is just a marketing label to sell more expensive products

The idea that organic food is just marketing hype is another very popular myth that you’re going to run into. While there is in denying the fact that the organic label costs more, you have to understand that this is for good reason.

It can take years for a farmer to obtain organic certification, and even then, there are plenty of costly risks involved with organic farming, which means that if the farmer wants to just break even in terms of labor and resources, they have to price their organic goods higher.

Myth: Free-range and natural labels are just as good as organic

There is another common idea that organic is immediately synonymous with free-range and natural labels. In a nutshell, they aren’t.

The organic label is much more strictly enforced in comparison to the other labels because farmers have to undergo the certification process in order to put this label on their products. Not only that, but organic means using these methods throughout the entire farming process, from beginning to end, whereas labels like free-range do not have the same kind of standards.

Myth: Organics don’t really taste as good

While not as industry-damaging as the other myths, this is another popular myth about organics that you may run into. Again, this is not true because when you grow organic products, you are not using chemical aids to make them as big or as visually pleasing as possible, which means that their true flavor is carefully preserved, which imparts a better flavor to the customer.

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