Understanding Biosolids Management And How These Are Being Used

Many people still don’t understand what biosolids are and how they are being treated and produced. In a nutshell, biosolids are the nutrient-rich organic materials that is a result of the treatment of domestic sewage in a wastewater treatment facility. Biosolids management refers to the process that the domestic sewage has to go through in order to be treated.

As probably the safest and most natural fertilizer today, the interest in biosolids is steadily increasing in recent years. No longer is this a taboo subject that no one can understand. There is a community of people these days that actually try to get to know more about the treatment of wastewater and how it can be converted into biosolids.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set the regulation for the production and the use of biosolids. Because of the promise of various benefits, it remains to be the most studied material that EPA has ever did. The discovery, of course, led to many advantages for environment advocates. The agriculture industry can make use of biosolids in place of many chemicals in farms and ranches. It can also be used for the production of crops as shown in studies.

The breakthrough, of course, had its challenges such as the current practices associated with it, the concerns for public health, the sanitation of the treatment plants, and many more. The National Academy of Sciences sided with biosolids management. As long as the practice follows federal guidelines and regulations, there should be no additional concern for the production of biosolids materials. In fact, the NAS said that using biosolids for crop production presents no harm to consumers. It also has “negligible risk” on the consumer, the crop production, and the environment.

As the world experiences dramatic changes in temperature and the structure and health of soil for crop production, it is ever more important to focus our energy on the production and management of natural fertilizers born out of the many household and even industrial waste we produce every single day. Biosolids management is not a difficult concept to follow and even understand. The general point is, it uses the organic matter and nutrients in wastewater solids to make the soil more habitable for crops, plants, and other agricultural products.

The use of biosolids has no known adverse side effects and even as governments and the academe continue its research and study on this concept, many companies are already entering this market and producing biosolids that can be used in agricultural farms and ranches.

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