Understanding Organic Farming and Other 2021 Food Trends

organic farming

Food trends will always come and go as the years go by. In the year 2021, one of the most prominent food trends that you may have noticed is organic farming, and other focuses on healthier options. This is largely due to the fact that for many people, natural health is a priority for them. However, their focus is not only on organic food but on other options as well. Learn more about the food trends this year with this guide.

A decrease in meat intake

One significant trend that you might have noticed is that more people are starting to lessen their meat intake. More people are starting to recognize the problems that plague the meat industry, and want to do their part to contribute to the cause.

While they are still on the fence about committing to full vegetarianism or veganism, they are more than willing to limit their meat intake to a few times a week. Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also good for your body. Meat is a core part of the natural human diet, but if you don’t learn to limit your consumption, it can affect your health negatively.

More people are turning vegan

Of course, there are more people who are looking to go full vegan. As mentioned before, more people are becoming aware of how problematic the meat industry is becoming, so they are looking to take steps to lessen their footprint on the earth. You may have noticed that there are plenty of vegan options now available commercially. Vegan is no longer associated with limp salads and soy meat; it is a culinary category all on its own that boasts colorful vegetables and creative meat alternatives.

The paleo diet is slowly coming back

As people are starting to realize how much of their food intake is made up of processed food, there is now a stronger push to go back to our roots as human beings in more ways than one. The paleo diet refers to a dietary lifestyle that focuses on foods that are whole and removing all kinds of processed foods entirely.

Interestingly enough, this means that you also remove food items like dairy and bread. It focuses on eating the same way that humans did during the paleolithic era, which is the period of the hunter-gatherer age. Any food products that come from animal domestication and human cultivation are disregarded, which is why dairy and grains are eliminated.

Of course, organic food is the standard for health

Organic farming rose to popularity a few decades ago, but the industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Now with health being a priority more than ever, many consumers are turning to natural, organic food sources to make sure that the food that they intake is clean and free of any chemicals.

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