What To Look For In A Biosolids Management Facility

If you are familiar with the use of biosolids, then you also should know about biosolids management and how they are being regulated. Every state has a different set of requirements for biosolids treatment facilities, but the federal government has imposed through its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for treatment plants to follow certain regulations, mainly about its application, the reduction of odor, and the containment of the presence of metals to manageable levels.

If you are looking for a treatment plant and considering to distribute biosolids or partner with these facilities, you have to know what kind of management facility you are looking for.

Rooted in scientific research and proven methods

A treatment facility must have a proven record of doing scientific research for new processes and treatment methods, and following these methodologies despite challenges thrown their way by regulations and prohibitions. Take a double take on any management facility that does not do its own scientific research.

Low capital, operating, and energy costs

One of the goals of running and managing a biosolids treatment plant is to boost environmental sustainability and reduce the cost to the environment of the continuous use of chemical fertilizers. This goal could not be achieved if the facility will run on fossil fuels and if the operating costs would also increase. Reduction of operating costs include using modern tech while energy costs could be decreased by supporting alternative forms of energy.

Have a small footprint

This means that the facility should do its job to minimize its effects on the environment, especially in the use of power. Hence, there is also a need to do additional and substantial research on alternative energies and how they can power up large facilities such as biosolids management plant. The management solutions must also be easily integrated into the current processes with little to no interference to existing plant operations.

Customizable to meet the needs of the plant

Any management solutions for biosolids should be flexible and customizable to suit the needs and the capacities of the treatment plants. Biosolids facilities are unique in their needs and their capacities, so any management solution that could work in them should be flexible enough to accommodate the growing needs of the industry.

Produce a product that has a range of uses

A treatment plant may be dedicated to producing only Class A biosolids, but it would be better if the facility could manufacture a product for a variety of usages.

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