Why We Should Support Organic Farming

organic farming

Every day, we are bombarded with research papers and news articles about why we should eat and support organic farming. We know all about its health benefits. We know that it is good for us and yet, many academicians and publications are coming up with things like “organic farming: is it really good for you?”

They’re putting doubts in our minds about how effective organic farming is in the community that we live in and our health. So, the question is not whether to support this method of farming, but what are the reasons why we should be supporting it. Understanding the reasons why organic agriculture matters will go a long way toward deepening our relationship with it. 

Environment Is Thriving Under Organic Farming

Essentially, organic farming means going back to basics. It aims to use fewer synthetic fertilizers as possible. Organic products are chemical-free. They are devoid of additives. They don’t have an ounce of synthetic fertilizer in them. Think about how previous generations live; how they nurture and nourish their land. That’s exactly how organic farming works. It’s going back to how people protect their land. It’s using the most natural methods to care for and grow products. 

Organic farmers treat the soil as a living being. They cultivate the land using natural ingredients, minerals, and nutrients. They source the nutrients from manure and compost. As a result, the soil is healthier and less prone to erosion. Do you know what this means for your health? It means when you eat organic farm products, you are consuming food that is free of contamination and pesticide residues. 

Organic Agriculture Yields More Nutritious Crops and Cattle

A study in 2016 said that organically raised cattle have 50% more omega-3, which is essential to the reduction of risks of cardiovascular disease. It is also important to improve the body’s immune function and its neurological development and functions. It’s not just the meat. Other products such as blueberries, carrots, broccoli, and many fruits and vegetables have a higher concentration of antioxidants when they are grown organically. 

So when it comes to organic agriculture, there should be no question about our dedication to producing and consuming only organic products. Yes, we should support organic farming. It is easily the most substantial action we can take for the environment and our health. It is sustainable. It reduces the impact of farming on the environment. And most importantly, it is good for our bodies.

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