Why You Should Still Choose Organic Farming Products

organic farming

The organic farming industry is one of the biggest food industries out there. However, because of how large it is, it is only natural that certain misconceptions will arise from it. One of the biggest misconceptions that you are going to run into in the organic industry is the idea that the organic label is just a marketing gimmick that is designed to charge as much money as it can from consumers. Keep in mind that these misconceptions have been disproven and that there are plenty of good reasons to still choose organic farming products.

Eating organic products means introducing fewer pesticides into your body

Keep in mind that conventional farming relies on the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to grow crops. The problem with this is that even after extensive washing, the crops will still contain traces of these chemicals. When you eat non-organic fruits and vegetables, you will end up ingesting a lot of these chemicals, which is a cause for concern for many people today. Nobody wants to eat food that contains synthetic chemicals, which is why organic products are quickly becoming the food of choice for many people.

Antibiotic-resistant germs are significantly less likely to be found on organic meat because they don’t use antibiotics

Another concern about non-organic products, especially with meat, is the fact that these suppliers have to administer hormones and antibiotics to the animals to keep them safe from diseases and the like. The problem with this is that, like chemical pesticides, these will end up in the meat that you eat, which will then get into your body once you eat it. This is one of the biggest contributing factors to the growing concerns about antibiotic-resistant germs and bacteria.

Since organic bans the use of chemical pesticides, this keeps them away from your community’s water, air, and soil

Not only does organic farming keep chemicals away from your food and body, but this also keeps it away from the local ecology. When you use chemicals in growing crops, the chemicals will likely end up contaminating the soil and other nearby sources of water, which affects the balance of the local environment.

When you choose to support the organic industry, you are supporting an industry that prioritizes long-term sustainability over profitability. While it results in more work and resources for the farmers, they understand the long-term ramifications of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and how they affect the environment, which is why they are willing to put in the time and effort.

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