Who is BS Ranch & Farm?

We are a farm of the past, in the present, working for a better future. What exactly does that mean? It means we take things back to basics, the way they used to be. Back before there were contaminates or unnatural products. Back to a time where people recycled not because it was a fad, but because it was best for their lives and their families. We take things to an 100% organic level. To not only make a better product, but also to make our lives & earth healthier. Please visit our site often, follow us on our Facebook page and you’ll soon learn how important the work we are doing for our community. Thanks for stopping by.

  • An Organic Farming Guide to Why Organic Products Cost More

    When you do a side-by-side comparison of regular products and organic ones, there is no denying the fact that organic products definitely cost more. Many people like to hate organic products because of this price difference, and they claim that organics is just a marketing scam. While there is no denying the fact that organics […]

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  • Organic Farming 101: Know Who Your Customers Are

    Making the decision to focus on organic farming from conventional farming is not an easy one to make. This is because compared to conventional methods of farming, organic methods and the process of certification are significantly more difficult to handle. The initial overhead costs in terms of time and resources are a large part of […]

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    Top Myths About Organic Farming and Food

    The organic farming industry is definitely one of the biggest industries nowadays. This is mostly due to the growing concerns that people have about the food and products that they are eating and using. There have been many proven benefits of choosing organics over their conventional counterparts. However, there are still many people who insist […]

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