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Organic Farming and Its Certifications

If you’re in the organic farming industry, you might have heard the term certified organic. What does this mean? How does this help organic products become more marketable? The National Organic Program (NOP) creates the rules and regulations for the production, handling, labeling, and enforcement of all organic-related products approved by the United States Department […]

Organic Farming and Its Numerous Benefits

If you’ve taken a trip around your local supermarket, you may have come to the undeniable conclusion that organic farming is a very popular industry to be a part of right now. A quick look will tell you that there has been a significant rise in the number of organic products available in your supermarket, […]

Organic Farming Hacks for a Better Home Garden

Many people like to have a home garden for various reasons. Some like to have it to exercise their green thumbs, while others have one for practical reasons, such as to raise their own crops for home consumption. Regardless of your reason for wanting a home garden, there is no denying the fact that, at […]

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How to Support Organic Farming, Even In the City

Support for the organic farming industry and other environmentally-focused fields has reached an all-time high over the past few years. This is largely linked to increased awareness of how our actions as human beings are starting to affect the world and its resources.  Plenty of people are looking to show their support by making more […]

An Organic Farming Guide to Soil Fertilization

It can be very easy to make the assumption that organic farming is easier than people make it out to be. After all, on the surface, it seems to cut away a lot of the problems that you might run into with conventional farming and go back to basics.  However, because of the over-reliance on […]

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Organic Farming 101: Reducing Your Pet’s Carbon Footprint

There are plenty of ways to support the environmentally-friendly movement, from supporting organic farming and other environmentally-centered industries to making personal lifestyle choices that promote organic living.  If you have a pet, you should also be aware of the fact that the choices that you are making on your pet’s behalf can have an impact […]

Organic Farming Tips for Weed Management

Support for environmentally-conscious movements like the organic farming industry have increased significantly over the past few years. With mindful consumerism a priority for many people, customers are now being smarter with how they shop, choosing products that reflect their value system.  This means that organic products or ones that don’t make much of an environmental […]