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Organic Farming: What Makes Up Soil Fertility?

What makes an organic farming method successful? How can an organic farm yield the right number of crops even without using commercial fertilizers and additives? That’s because of the fertility of the soil. Fertile and nutrient-packed soil will grow plants, vegetation, fruits, and crops to a healthy level. They won’t need the use of synthetic […]

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Four Common Organic Farming Myths

With the world being as hectic and uncertain as it is, it is no surprise that as a species, we are constantly looking for ways to return to our roots, which is why organic farming is becoming as popular as it’s getting.  More and more people are looking to go back to the natural form […]

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Six Good Reasons To Choose Organic Farming

In an age where processed foods have become the norm, people are clamoring to get back to our roots and are looking for products that have been grown or raised under organic farming standards.  It can be easy to see why with the constant fear that the food that we are putting into our bodies, […]

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It Is Time to Get Serious About Organic Farming

The Covid-19 pandemic should put some things in perspective. Nature has finally brought this society down to its knees. We have been so callous with the environment that it is starting to get back at us. Farming systems are spinning out of control because of the chemicals that we put into it for income-generation purposes. […]

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Does Organic Farming Need to Use Sewage Sludge?

A majority of those clueless about organic farming thought that being organic means using natural human waste as fertilizer on their crop production. This is farthest from the truth. It needs to be said that organic farming is the cleanest method of growing crops, plants, fruits, and vegetables. The misconception stems from the fact that […]

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Does Organic Farming Consume More Water?

Everywhere in the world, the population is increasing and social-economic disparities are growing. It is, therefore, a given that there is a need for communities and governments to find a solution to the scarcity of food available in the market. We need to find efficient food systems that will deliver healthy food items to communities, […]